Mythbusters does the Star Trek Gorn Episode…

27 05 2010

OK I admit I do like Star Trek. The Gorn episode from the original series – that’s one I totally remember from when I was like five years old. And back then, that cheesy Gorn kind of scared me. Captain Kirk is stuck on this planet forced to battle with this alien called a Gorn, a man-reptile with super strength, a captain from an alien starship. Whoever wins takes all. It’s all controlled by some super race watching who wins.

My favorite quote from the episode is the Gorn: “I shall be merciful and quick!”

The Gorn threatens Kirk

So, the Gorn is so much stronger than Kirk, there’s no way Kirk can beat the guy physically. It’s gonna have to come down to some good old human ingenuity. Kirk happens upon some bamboo and then finds the material to make a bazooka. He finds charcoal, sulphur and some diamonds….all stuff left there by the super race. He winds up blowing up the reptile guy.

So, what do you think? Here is the original, and the MythBusters version? Pay special attention to the two handed back punch followed by the karate chop! And the dropped dagger!

Original Gorn Episode…

Mythbusters Sequence!