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Welcome to Cabin Fever Chronicles!

Cabin Fever Chronicles seemed a good name because I’m hopelessly hooked on being outside. I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast, environmental advocate/steward and marketing professional.

Never comfortable wedded to one activity, I enthusiastically embrace a handful of outdoor pursuits. I’m typically found making the most of what each season brings.

In the winter, I enjoy alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and since I’m living in the Pacific NW, I can paddle in the winter too. I’ve skied all over the American west, in New England and in Europe. I gravitate toward more natural, intimate, cozier haunts like Mad River Glenn, Mount Hood Ski Bowl, Sundance or Snow Basin.

Summertime I’m found paddling a kayak in rivers, lakes or the ocean. Kayaking is constantly entertaining and challenging. I’m also a lifelong sailor – and sailboat racer. Get me on a sailboat and I know what to do just about automatically. I get out camping 20 or so days a year. Love backpacking when time permits.

Adventure travel quenches my thirst for ultimate stimulation and fascination. I’m most stimulated when immersed overseas in an unfamiliar land, especially one rarely visited by westerners. I’ve found that I learn more about myself and my country the further away I get.

Vocationally marketing, branding and market research are areas I’ve been able to apply my endless curiosity.

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