Catching Up with Buddies at Big Sky Montana

27 01 2023

Big Sky Montana was my third ski resort on this road trip! I met up with Chris Kittredge from Portland, Maine, at the Bozeman airport. We’d be there five days and ski four. Another buddy, Bob Rhea, lives on the mountain and we’d meet up with him, too. We all went to college together.

Big Sky is my favorite ski resort. It’s the largest single mountain ski area in the US. It offers plenty of terrain, including glades, for any skier ability level. We had terrific conditions! No ice, It was soft packed powder and it snowed 2-3″ dry powder every night.

Bob gave us directions to his place, which was at Moonlight Basin. We had no idea what to expect. We drove up, and valets took care of our car and our skis! They delivered the skis to the other side of the building where the trail was. On our side, we were greeted to a fire pit. Inside, welcoming staff, a grand fireplace, bar, restaurant, and comfortable chairs to put our ski boots on. Later, Bob treated us to lunch and drinks! This went on for three days, right on through the NFL playoffs! Wow!

Whilst enjoying the bar, and talking with other skiers and some instructors, I was introduced to a skiing legend!

I met Mr. Lonnie Ball. Lonnie is the first person to jump (or huck) into Corbett’s Couloir at Jackson Hole! What a nice guy. We had a spirited conversation for maybe 10 minutes.

Today, he is a brand ambassador for a ski manufacturer and does photography for the World Cup. Wow!

I have to say, on this segment of my big ski road trip, my cup runneth over!