Kathmandu: Bhaktapur and its Durbar Square

29 11 2018

We spent another day exploring Kathmandu and surroundings. We went to visit the ancient city of Bhaktapur, which is at once ancient, artistic, architecturally stunning and mystical.


The Golden Gate in Durbar Square

One my favorites is the Golden Gate, a delightfully preserved example of metallic art. It shows up top Garuda battling with serpents, over Taleju Bhawani, the goddess of the Malla Kings.


The Palace of 55 Windows

Right next to the Golden Gate is the Palace of 55 Windows. It is named for its 55 balconies. It is used for royal ceremonies and has been such for centuries. It has incredible detail, a testament to the woodworker’s craftsmanship.


Like elsewhere in Kathmandu, many buildings and temples were severely damaged by the 2015 earthquake.

Here in Bhaktapur, things are no different. Workers may spend years repairing priceless structures important to Nepal’s heritage.




Daily offerings are part of Hindu practice. In many places throughout my trip, I saw offerings being made, or evidence of them.

We then strolled down alleyways lined with shops to a square dominated by the Nyatapola Temple which dates to 1702.


It is a beautiful square, and due to the Dipawali festival, sellers of festive goods and foods were allowed to create a market to allow people to stock up for Wednesday’s big night.

It was mid-afternoon, and we returned to the Shangri La Hotel for a rest-up before our kick-off dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. Tomorrow we fly to Pokhara, where a bus will take us to the trailhead where we start our trek to Annapurna!




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30 11 2018

Amazing photos! What an awesome adventure!

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