Christmas 2010 at April’s

19 01 2011

With both parents passed away and a brother in Minnesota and cousins back in NY/CT, I was an orphan this year. So when my friend April Obern and her beau Jim Dockwiler asked me for Christmas dinner I accepted thankfully!

April invited some other orphans, too, like Olga and Lisa. Brother Kevin drove over from La Grande for the celebration. Also in attendance were several members of April’s immediate family. I arrived to a merrily decked out house, and the cooks were involved in what seems an American holiday tradition – fretting over the meal!

In this case the culprit was the gravy…April is gluten intolerant so they were making “alternative gravy.” Someone had an idea to add ‘coconut flour’ to thicken it…and with that, all hell broke loose. I tried it and thought I could deal with it…

This is the offending element! Must fix!

However, most others simply turned their noses at this stuff. So Jim toiled over an alternative gluten-free concoction, which turned out to be the choice for the day’s dinner!

A little of this and that...

I am impressed with April’s cooking! The salads, sweet potato side, dressing, and especially the home baked pies (one was pecan topped pumpkin pie) were to die for!

OK, DIG IN….Time to let go all thought of restraint, and enjoy the spread!

That's a gobbler, quacker and a clucker!

Vegetarians, close your eyes! We are having a Turducken…a duck stuffed in a chicken stuffed in a turkey. Simply scrumptious. And when combined with the accompaniments…

Carnivore at heart!

The company was warm and the conversation vibrant!

Kevin gushed with stories about backpacking and climbing/exploring far east Oregon and parts of Idaho. He has a lot of stories about hiking the Wallowa Mountains, Elkhorn Mountains, and Blue Mountains, as well as the Owyhee River. I’ll have to head out there and let him be my guide!

Olga is a reporter and was looking for contacts on an assignment. She hails from Moscow, a city I’d like to visit one day. She took her Mom to see Lady Gaga! Wow, I had a hard time imagining that!

Well, the clock struck 3:30 and it was time for me to head to my next Xmas “dinner,” which I’m afraid would just be dessert, at most!



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