Last 2010 Post: Nordic Ski – Teacup Nordic Club on Mt Hood, OR

1 01 2011

Got to get this one in before the clock ticks over to 2011! Two weeks ago went on a purrrrrfect Nordic ski day with my buddy Jessie Bader and her friend Nancy Zink. We went to the groomed trails of the Teacup Nordic Club.

It had snowed, snowed, snowed and there was zero wind, so the woods were absolutely GORGEOUS, to die for!

Oh, the cathedral of snowy trees!

Nancy offered to drive up, she’s got a hybrid Toyota Prius, and since she and Jessie are only like 5’5″ tall each, I had plenty of room in the back!

As we ascended the mountain, the forest was all fresh snow! It was going to be a really good day!

I am an intermediate XC skier and Nancy is a skate skier. Jessie is a newbie…very careful on her new skis!

On arrival we went to the Teacup Lodge to get situated.

It was real busy at the lodge, both inside and out!

I found one girl who was very interested in Mommy’s fancy parka!

OK, we had some lunch and then, it was time to hit the trail! It wasn’t long before I just had to shoot a photo of my reindeer antlers. Got to ham it up!

Every time we got to a little decline, Jessie got nervous. We all encouraged her to just ride the track down, but each time she “over thought things” and fell backward. Next time she’ll get it I’m sure. Otherwise, the snow was perfect and the holiday mood was truly bright!

So MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! And best to everybody in 2011!



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