Bangkok Icon Goes Green

6 06 2010

Memories of a visit to Bangkok would never be complete without the sight and sound of traffic. And in that traffic there’s one particular vehicle that stands top-of-mind with tourists – it’s three wheeled, usually powered by LNG and incredibly noisy: the Bangkok Tuk Tuk.

Riding in a Tuk Tuk is to Bangkok what eating a Nathan’s hot dog is to New York City. You gotta do it. You gotta flag one down, and get the driver to bob and weave in the traffic. You gotta hang on. The only thing more “out there” is riding a motorcycle taxi sans helmet. They bob and weave in between the lanes of traffic like minnows swarming in between carp.

Anyway word has it that a high government official has recently launched a company that makes  solar powered Tuk Tuks! What would that do to the famously noisy icon! Bangkok will never be the same!



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