Eric Jackson Makes the Most of the Dark Side (Bud)

4 06 2010

 Eric Jackson has certainly made a name for himself in the world of freestyle whitewater kayaking and outdoor business.

The world champion turned business owner has never strayed far from his core values – though recent advertisements showing EJ quaffing Budweiser might have some thinking otherwise. His Jackson Kayak business has been wildly successful, especially in its specialty retailer-friendly policies and no questions asked kayak guarantees. But EJ / Budweiser? Eybrows are raised for sure.

Yes, lots of whitewater boaters would prefer EJ throw down a PBR or at the very least a respectable Terminal Gravity IPA. Only they turn the pages of magazines to see him standing there with Bud in hand. Well, all is not lost!

EJ has managed to use the relationship to benefit whitewater boating. According to Canoe & Kayak Magazine, EJ is partnering with the National Park Service on the Let’s Go Paddling campaign, where newbies are introduced to kayaking. And Budweiser is putting up some serioius coin to display 8,300 kayaks in Bud retailers this year, hoping to attract new paddlers.

So, is there an alcohol/paddling connection? Is EJ partnering with the devil he knows? You decide.



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