A Visit with my Nephew Finny and His Son Jackson Pitches Like Cy Young!

26 06 2013

IMG_0515 I was really looking forward to visiting with Finny and especially watching Jackson play baseball! This was gonna be priceless! First, we took the commuter train to see Finny’s x-wife Catherine where we could all warm up Jackson and then take him to the game.

It was fantastic to see Catherine. She’s doing very well, and it looks like Jackson’s doing great in his Tuckahoe, NY home.


Catherine is looking good!

This was going to be a big day out on the baseball field for Jackson. He’d pitch an inning or two. And, play some outfield perhaps. So Finny and I set about getting Jackson warmed up for the game.

We did a lot of fielding practice, and some pitching practice. I was surprised how good Jackson was at pitching once he warmed up. Then, when he began to throw a bit wild, I knew it was time to stop. I didn’t want to overdo it!

Next we did batting practice. My how the little guy takes to hitting that ball! Such fun!

IMG_0503Soon, it was time to head to the game. It was a much more “professional” affair than when I was a kid. The teams had semi professional uniforms!

IMG_0505I bet the kids LOVED that. The parents, on the other hand, were so nervous and hopeful that their kids would perform. There was a lot more pressure on them than their children! During some plays, the parents would hide their eyes.

Finally it was time for Jackson to pitch. He managed to give up a walk and a hit which got him into a bases-loaded situation. Parents were covering eyes again. But somehow Jackson managed to dust himself off and pull it together! He struck out the next batter. And then the next and the next! He struck out the side! WOW!IMG_0500

Practice included batting practice!

What a day. Nothing like being with family for a weekend!


Myself and Finny at the ball park!

I think I will be coming back to the Bronx to visit Finny again!

I also loved the Woodlawn, Bronx, neighborhood. I found a bakery/coffee shop my first morning. Nothing like Portlandia, no, this one is right out of classic NY area lore.

No espresso served, not a hipster to be seen. Oh no. But it is a multi racial, multi class customer base! I saw cops. Yankee caps. I saw parks department workers. I saw lawyers, stock brokers, retirees, blue collar and white collar workers. Just get your coffee and grab that pastry and off they go! And like the show Cheers, everyone knows each other. Super friendly, too. So in the grit of the Bronx, we’ve got warm human souls everywhere.

This area is absolutely densely dominated by Irish pubs! I couldn’t help but ponder how so many can survive in close proximity to one another.



Just in case you need help?

Just in case you need help?



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