Yale Lake July

23 07 2011

Well, there is a chain of reservoirs north of Portland, Oregon, in the Lewis River system. They are about an hour’s drive north depending on the route one takes. They all lie in Mt. St. Helens’ shadow…and one, Yale Lake, has a grand view of this notorious peak.

I’ve been there twice this month. First time with my meetup group. We arrived on a Thursday and checked out the Siouxon Creek arm of the lake.

It’s clear and beautiful, and we paddled all the way up to the river’s confluence.

Arnold had lunch…whoa…a whole apple pie! Arnold is always good to have along.

Amanda is one of my favorite meetup members! She’s very outgoing, athletic, and fun! She was our tour guide. We had some beer at the Laurelwood in Battleground, after the paddle.

My first time up there I couldn’t see the visual treat Yale Lake is famed for. But I returned on July 22nd late in the day and was rewarded with a spec-tacular sight!


I also managed a video…on this day there were 2-3 motorboats on the lake plus a canoe. I understand it’s jammed with water skiers on the weekends!



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