Photos & Videos from Lumpy Waters Symposium

9 11 2010

Paddling through Three Arch Rocks - Photo Sean Morley

In the past couple of weeks some new photos and videos came out about Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe’s Lumpy Waters Symposium 2010 in Pacific City, Oregon.

Some of the best photos were taken by Sean Morley of rock gardening & caving. These photos capture elements such as the three dimensional aspects of rock gardening – boats quickly change elevation relative to each other when the swells come in. And action!

Hey you down there! Photo Sean Morley

And P&H Custom Sea Kayaks posted really nice photos of the coaches playing out in the rocks / caves / haystacks.
Some of the boating was through narrow caves!

Below see a nice video of the weekend including nice rock gardening action by the coaches! It has some of the other elements of the Lumpy Waters weekend, too!

Photo Sean Morley



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