Siletz Bay Paddle

2 08 2010

Paddle NW met down at Siletz Bay Moorage July 31st for a day on the bay. I scheduled the paddle on the 31st because it coincided with Jessie’s summer schedule. She’d taken a class in the area during the week. The tide was low mid day, which wasn’t ideal conditions, but it didn’t seem to matter!

We put in and headed up the channel toward the “spit” which is a big sand spit forming the end of the bay. There were a ton of harbor seals up at the end.

I’d say there were over 100 seals up there. Since the area is so busy with tourists, I was certain the seals would be pretty tame. I figured I’d have one pop up right next to my boat.

Nope – they were very wild, only curious from a distance. At a certain proximity, they’d slap their front flipper and dive away. Still, they were companions nonetheless!

The bay is full of huge driftwood. Whole trees are lodged here. Some are old growth for sure. Day after day, year after year, the tide ebbs and floods, turning them into driftwood.

We hauled out on the beach near the spit and lunched. We couldn’t resist the temptation of an ice cream cone down the street. But April did one better, managing to buy a cup of clam chowder from Mo’s.

OK, after lunch, with the incoming tide, we headed back down the bay. Jessie led us down one of the Siletz River’s sloughs, which was full of sand pipers and blue herons. Very nice.



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