Summer Solstice 2010

22 06 2010

Kellie makes a pretty wake!

My friend April organized a summer solstice paddle on a little lake by the Colu

mbia River this June. June 21 is the longest day of the year, and most years the sunset might freaking actually be visible, not in 2010. In fact I say right here the entire summer is going to be the same, fluorescent-lighted cloudy blah for the Portland area. Anyhow we got out there at a suggestion of an acquaintance who’d been there the prior week.

Laura at the put in...

Joe, Laura, April, Kellie and myself paddled around this area until about nine p.m. – when the gate to the put in closes.

The place has a name – Mirror Lake – my guess is the name comes from the reflection of the waterfall that descends from the Crown Point massif directly above the lake. Unfortunately I-84 is only a few yards to the north – and the Union Pacific line a few hundred yards south!

Nevertheless, it’s got some interesting

pockets to explore, and at the very end of one of these, there’s a bridge where we hauled out to grab a snack.

I was WAY thankful to Joe for the treats he stashed and then laid out on the bridge! I kind of

At one point I split the paddle and utilized canoe-motion...

rushed out the door and didn’t even pack water! But Joe, now he was just the opposite.

Joe had a quarter round of cheese, a home made loaf of bread, M&Ms, raspberries, and even a bottle of Meyers Dark Rum and cocktail mixings! Wow. Laura had a bottle of wine with real glasses! So it turned out to be a nice break on solstice night. Only thing missing was a massive bonfire and ritual sacrifices!

I DO HOPE the solstice ritual brings a change in the stubborn thick clouds around here!



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