Weapon of Choice: The Werner Cyprus

7 05 2010

I’ve been paddling Werner and AT carbon paddles for years. One thing I’ve discovered is that my feather angle for the blades has narrowed with time. At one point 45-degree feather seemed right – but these days, I’m using a 30-or 15-degree feather.

At one point in 2009, I had both 45-degree paddles and 30-degree paddles in my quiver. I found both paddle strokes and rolling to be an adjustment with switching paddles – actually annoying. So toward the end of the year I conformed all the fixed feather paddles to 30-degrees.

The other elements are length and paddling technique. Some paddle blades are longer – for low angle paddling, while others are fatter – for high angle style paddling. High angle paddling is associated with power and is 100% used in surf / whitewater. Low angle paddling is more tied to long distance paddling. Theoretically one would get more fatigued using a high angle style on a longer day paddling.

For whatever the reason I seem to naturally prefer high angle paddling style. I’ve owned the Werner Corryvrecken for four years and the low angle Kalliste three years. I seem to feel natural paddling the Corryvrecken, with the caveat that its blades are gigantic, so it makes me a bit more tired. I’ve found my Kalliste frustrating because I just don’t like a low angle style – but also, I’ve found myself having to correct my index in the middle of paddling. Also it’s a 220 cm length, and for some strokes it seems awfully long. I asked some people at local paddle shops and they felt maybe my paddle shaft issues are that it’s a straight shafted paddle – maybe my hand slips as I’m not feeling the index as well as the bent? Not sure.

Enter the Cyprus. It’s a high angle style paddle with a medium blade. I wondered if I’d like this one. I know three people using it.

Werner Cyprus Blade!

So, in a conversation with instructor and 2-star BCU Coach awardee Teresa Webb, she offered my her bent shaft Cyprus to try while she was on vacation.

I took it down to the river to quench my curiosity. Twenty feet from the shore I knew I’d found my friend. This blade and paddling style just feel right – like an extension of my body. Not too over this or that, just right. Not only did it feel better for forward stroke, but in bow rudders and draws the length and blade size were just right – this paddle feels like an extension of my body!

Watch my friend and fellow NY Yankee fan Danny Mongno talk about the Cyprus! Can you detect a little NY accent?

So, I went up to Alder Creek to spend the credits I earned from working the paddle festival! And it was on sale! So a $465 paddle cost me $155! SWEET DEAL! Now I need to find some stickers for it.



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